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Coming Next

In the words of Winston the frog, “Oh What A Night”!
Gary and | cannot thank you all enough. So many new and
so many seasoned families and YCAF friends turn out each year to
support our cause. Last night was no exception. It’s very exciting for
me, to see a whole new generation of youngsters take the stage with
kids who have grown up with YCAF.
Last night was proof that people who want to be involved with something
just to be of service, make a huge difference.

There are so many people to thank. | must first talk about our dedicated
stage manager Sam, only twelve years old and so capable of anything. Sam
always met me at my car and took the heavy stuff out of my hands,
before taking roll. He was at every rehearsal, and then at the end, called the show!

I love the fact that YCAF has so many teens who volunteer to help and like it
so much they come back year after year. Naidelyn, Angelica, Edgar, Gage, Aaron,
Emma, all of you, so terrific!

Then there is Mani! Our choreographer. Someone told me last year that Mani
wasn’t ready to teach kids to dance! Wow, was she ever wrong. Anyone who
can teach 31 kids of all ages to Hip Hop is ready! Our opening number was
fabulous! She was so patient, and focused. | have asked her to teach a YCAF
Hip Hop class that will start the first of October, so get in on that one guys
I promise it will be loads of fun!

Thanks to our host last night! Tony. One of my best friends who did an amazing job,
was very funny and the audience loved him.

A special thanks to Gay and Jason for judging the performers.

I must also mention the work of Sandra (costumes) and Allan (videographer),
both are loyal to the kids, and are always interested in helping them look great.

It has been great to work with the Bellflower tech crew for the last 17 years.
most recently Wendy, Brandon, Juan, P.J., Kristen, and Cindy.

Our supervising Moms have been a huge help, | really appreciate the dedication of
Tricia, Cindy, Maria, and Joanna being backstage during the show!

My family, Denelle, Deringer, and Dalton, there to lift heavy things and do the
unpopular work and help clean up afterward (quite a chore).
My grandkids Lee, Lexi, and Audrey, Nate and Zoe, so helpful as always!

I also would like to thank George Pennacchio for the gifts, and the great letter he wrote
to the kids, If you missed it, it is in the program.

My biggest thank you goes to the talent of the night! The cast! All of you worked so hard,
and it paid off! Every single one of you stood in the light last night. The kids in color took
a prize, but you were all wonderful, and | thank you so much!

Pedro, Ava, Aizel , Noronzie, Alaina, Laurence, Belle , Kristin, Audrey,
April, Autumn, Alaina,lsaac, Samantha, Ariana, Analise, Alysa, Henna,
Jolleen Jackie, Shane, Isabelle, Lily, Gavin, Anton, Allison, Lisanne,
Jorden, Amairany, Collin, Maddie.

Love you all and I’Il see you soon!